Essentialism Retro

The essentialism Retro is good for when you have a large group, a rowdy group, or you just need help focusing on the actual take-away, actionable items from the Sprint. Rather than lingering on issues that we cannot fix.

  1. Ask the team, “If you could have changed ONE THING about this Sprint, what would that be?” Usually, during Retros people have five minutes to write as many post-it notes as they want, and take as long as the meeting allows to complain (sorry, I mean, “discuss”). So, this essentialism Retro helps the group focus on the ONE THING it has the power to change by limiting discussion to one post-it per person.
  2. Use dot voting or other consensus mechanism to agree on the ONE THING to work on
  3. Assign the ONE THING to a person on the team.

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