Lean Coffee Retro

  • Step One: Before the retrospective starts the facilitator should set up a kanban board with three columns:
    To Do
  • Step Two: To start the retrospective the facilitator should explain how the technique works and provide the team with the timebox for the retrospective (1-2 hours, depending on the size of the team).
  • Step Three: Ideation. The facilitator should hand out sticky notes to the participants and tell them the timebox for this phase (10-15 minutes should be enough). Participants should keep their sticky notes private so that participants aren’t biased by each other’s ideas. When the timebox expires, the participants should place their sticky notes in the “To Do” column on the kanban board.
  • Step Four: Grouping. Since many sticky notes will likely contain related (or even identical) ideas, participants should group sticky notes into logical themes. Participants can use markers to draw circles around related sticky notes. The facilitator should announce the timebox (10-15 minutes) and encourage the participants to stand up and move from poster to poster to make this part of the retrospective interactive and fun.
  • Step Five: Dot Voting.

Here’s the Miro template!

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