SWOT is a team building that helps team members to better understand each others strengths and weaknesses, as well as find opportunities and threats that they might face together. It is a good activity for when a project is starting, or when new members have joined an existing team.

Running the activity:

  1. Draw the four quadrants:

2. Introduce the first two areas:

Strengths: write down what you feel you do well and can help the team
Weaknesses: what are the things that you could improve?

3. Give the team time to write down notes for those areas.

4. Read all strengths and weaknesses out loud, clarifying if needed, but not fostering discussion yet.

5. Introduce the other two areas:

Opportunities: given the team’s strengths, what can you capitalize on and take as a lead to be successful?
Threats: with those weaknesses, what are the obstacles you will have to overcome?
6. Give the team time to write notes for those two areas.

7. Group Discussion